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My first project will be an Affordaplane. This High wing Tractor Ultralight has already developed a rather large following. Dave Edwards has designed this easy to build, low cost Ultralight.

The Affordaplane
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The Fuji 340
This is the Engine I will put in my Affordaplane
UPDATE!!!!! The Fuji 340 is to be shipped to me Friday March 17 2000. Thanks Steve. It's here. Came in on 3/29/00 Looks just like the pictures you see.

Another View

One more


Gusset Plates

Better shot of the gussets.This is a LARGE file.

Some of the Tools that will be needed

Belt/Disk Sander

Miter Saw

Drill Press

Tank less Air Compressor

Deburr Set

Here are some shots of my Asphalt Flyer aka Titan Gecko. Misses out on the legal weight for an UL here in the US. Cruses slight faster than the 63 mph max. also.

Titan Gecko 96 CI

Just another view of the Asphalt Flyer

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